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The Murphy lab has two Pyromark Q96 MD pyrosequencing instruments and can assist with quantitative analysis of DNA methylation using bisulfite pyrosequencing.  We are happy to consult with you to discuss your methylation project.  The Murphy lab has been using pyrosequencing, considered the gold standard for targeted analysis of DNA methylation, for over seven years to study numerous loci in humans and rodents. Pyrosequencing is a sequence by-synthesis approach which relies on input of a specific sequence to analyze. For methylation analysis, the genomic DNA is pre-treated with sodium bisulfite, a chemical that converts any unmethylated cytosine to uracils. Methylated cytosines are protected from this conversion.  Following PCR amplification of the bisulfite-modified DNA, pyrosequencing is used to determine the proportion of the sample analyzed that is methylated (cytosine retained) and unmethylated (appearing as thymines) at all potentially methylated cytosine positions within the sequence. We have published a methods paper that explains this in more detail.

We have previously published the ability of pyrosequencing to distinguish 5% differences in methylation, using mixtures of fully methylated and unmethylated sequences.  More recently, we have also shown that pyrosequencing is able to distinguish 0.5% differences in methylation.  Pyrosequencing is also an excellent tool to quantify allele-specific expression.  

Some of our relevant publications are listed below. For further information, please contact Susan Murphy or Zhiqing Huang.

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